Summer School Insects as Food & Feed

Language: English
Location: Wageningen
Date: 07/03/2023

The field of rearing insects for human food and animal feed is new and exciting. There are many challenges in bringing insects on the market. How can we rear insects in a sustainable way with low environmental impact and contribute to a circular economy? What type of production design and facilities are needed to farm and process insects in an optimal way? Is it economically an interesting solution? By attending this Summer School you will explore a new alternative protein source with a potential to play a major role in creating a circular food chain and to contribute in solving the world`s food problem.

Why follow this summer school?

The aim of this Summer School is to learn the basic principles behind the factors that affect all processes in the insect production and consumption chain. Rearing, handling, processing and consumption of insects as food and feed are discussed.
Together you will explore the future challenges and opportunities of insects as food and feed and how to apply new insights in your daily practice.

 Well, what can I say about the Summer School – I really enjoyed it ! The programme was very saturated and well organized. Invited lecturers were great, providing us with valuable and useful information on insects and related issues and news. The main value of Summer School attendance is the established contacts with scientists, industry representatives and other course participants for me. Thanks for all!

Ilga Gedrovica, Assistent Professor at Latvia University of Agriculture

Is this Summer School for you?

This programme is designed for everybody with an interest in insects as food and feed. Professionals from both the private sector and the public sector are welcome as well as academics.

Programme & topics

The Summer School offers a varied and attractive mix of high profile lectures,
practical cases, group work and a field trip. Leading international experts from
Wageningen University & Research, other research institutes and private companies are engaged in this programme. Check the website for a list of speakers. There are plenty opportunities to interact with the experts and between participants.

This course gives you an in-depth view on:

• Insect rearing and processing
• Insects and nutrition
• Insects for food, feed and cosmetics
• Insect and food safety, legislation
• Insects and consumers, marketing and promotion

You can download the flyer with the course schedule and full list of worldwide renowned eperts involved.

Practical information

The course fee is € 2,750.- per person and covers tuition, course materials including the book “Insects as food and feed: from production to consumption”, lunches, 2 dinners and a field trip to Thomas More, KU Leuven and the Insect Pilot
Plant in Belgium. Hotel accommodation is not included in the course fee.

For PhD students we offer a reduced course fee of €1,995.-

Between 25 and 40 participants.

Welcome & Introduction
Welcome & introduction on Sunday evening 2 July 2023.


When enrolling at this course you may apply for the use of the STAP-budget.
Check if you are eligible for the STAP-budget.