Report: The nutritional composition of by-products

A new report is released by the ADVAGROMED consortium:

The nutritional composition of by-products”. The report focussess on the nutritional composition and suitability as insect feeding substrate for the two most commonly reared edible insect species: the black soldier fly and yellow mealworm.

Several studies confirm that the exploitation of agricultural by-products for insect rearing could offer a possibility for considerable reduction of the production cost, whereas it contributes to the enhancement of the sustainability profile of insect production.

In this report ADVAGROMED partners identified, collected and chemically characterized local agricultural by-products of low or no economic value of each participating country (Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Morocco).

The valorisation of agricultural side-streams for insect rearing could be helpful for the Mediterranean Basin to better exploit locally available resources for the local production of animal feeds and subsequently decrease the dependency of Mediterranean countries on imported resources.

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  1. Hi David.
    I’m very interested in reading the report. Do you know if it is publicly available?
    I have looked at the HP, and searched for it to no avail.