EAAP 2023: a success

A short anthology,

Lead by the president of the Insect commission, Laura Gasco, EAAP 2023 in Lyon was a great success with a record number of oral and poster presentations. At occasions the room was packed at or even over capacity. This does not even include the presentation given in other sessions such as poultry and aquaculture. Insects are no longer a ‘fringe’ part of EAAP but becomes part of the core.

The overall quality of the research made a remarkable jump in the last year, especially in the field of genetics. Yet, great strives in the application of insects, knowledge on safe use of insects, production, health and nutrition were made. Besides the academic significance, the presence of several insect farming companies and their collaboration with the insect commission does indicate that the presented work is highly relevant for the industry.

Next year, EAAP will be hosted in the beautiful Florence (1-5 September) undoubtedly even bigger and better.