The aim of this forum is to facilitate exchange of information and discussions related to insect production, between ERGIP members. The ERGIP forum is covering a broad area and hosting multiple discussion channels, such as insect technologies, insects’ genetics, insect application and insect nutrition, etc.). Furthermore, it is within the scope of this forum to provide young scientists with a channel (young scientist corner) for discussing and disseminate latest research in insect production.

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    Posted by David on March 3, 2023 at 9:52 am

    Dear all,

    One of the main reasons of ERGIP is the exchange of information and then especially information that is not easily found via the regular channels (WoS, scopus, google (scholar),…). One of the pieces of information could be shared is who works or worked on what kind of project. This is particularly true for the national projects tend to remain below the radar with limited distribution of the gathered knowledge in their native language.

    Project database:

    We do want to ask all members to add their current and previous projects to the database. In that way members can find what has been done in the past ensuring the optimal use of money and time to produce excellent research results.

    Example: DTI, WUR and Inagro all had a project on the chemical analysis of the attractant of BSF. If this was known before or during the projects many synergies would have been possible while now each institute worked individually.

    Documents deposit:

    Similar to the project database, the document deposit is created to improve information exchange. Many research results are never published due to time constraints, because the experiments ‘failed’, because the responsible researcher finished his/her PhD. Whatever the reason, there is a lot of unpublished knowledge. Besides the ‘true’ publications there are also project reports, protocols, SOP’s, etc.

    A lot of time and money was invested in each of these documents, do not let them gather (digital) dust but share them with the community.

    It is possible to add them to the website via the documents group and upload the document.

    Best regards

    The ERGIP team

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